Conrad Felsing Lenzkirch 2-Weight #GD001

  • Over the top carving
  • Signed Dial
  • Clock Maker to the King
  • 8-Day Lenzkirch 2-weight movement
  • Serial number 956972, Circa 1893
  • None
Johann Conrad Felsing was originally born as Johann Conrad Voelzing, the clockmaker changed his name to Johann Conrad Felsing upon moving to Berlin. He was born in the Black Forest, where the family Voeltzing had produced clocks since 1733. In Berlin, Fesling founded his own company Conrad Felsing, which was soon appointed court clockmaker. In 1847 Felsing became a member of the guild. His son Albert Karl Julius Felsing later took over the company located at 24 Unter den Linden, Berlin. Conrad Felsing was the clockmaker to Kaiser Wilhelm (King Wilhelm). He was made a Knight of the (Prussian) "Kronenordens IV. Klasse." He donated (among other things) the "large 8-day-going tower clock in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin. This clock was made and retailed by Conrad Felsing using a Lenzkirch 2-weight movement. It is the best of the best. This clock ships from Michigan. We ship worldwide however, pickup is highly recommended if possible.
Price: $9,500.00