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This is Lenzkirch Clocks Central on the Internet. You can find out anything Lenzkirch here. If you do not see what you are looking for, send me an email and we will find it for you. Between myself and my friends we have gathered thousands of pages of data and pictures of Lenzkirch clocks. Click the Contact link below.

You will find only the finest quality clock ever made on this web site. If you want a cheap clock that does not run there is an unlimited number of auctions available.

Lenzkirch Miniature Model 316

Lenzkirch miniature time only model 316 circa 1867. Sweet miniature in near mint condition for its ...

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Ebony Lenzkirch 1-Weight

Nice early 1-weight Lenzkirch in a seldom seen ebony case. The beat scale is even ebony and signed ...

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French Boulle Bracket Clock signed Jolin a' Orleans

This is an 18th century French Bracket clock with boulle inlay and original bracket. The movement ...

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Serpentine Vienna 1-Weight Month Regulator

Serpentine Vienna Regulator Circa 1870 with 2-piece dial and piecrust bezel. This clock is in very ...

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