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This is Lenzkirch Clocks Central on the Internet. You can find out anything Lenzkirch here. If you do not see what you are looking for, send me an email and we will find it for you. Between myself and my friends we have gathered thousands of pages of data and pictures of Lenzkirch clocks. Click the Contact link below.

You will find only the finest quality clock ever made on this web site. If you want a cheap clock that does not run there is an unlimited number of auctions available.

Lenzkirch Majolica Sailing Ship Clock

Very rare and highly sought after Lenzkirch sailing ship clock. This clocks ships from Michigan....

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French Conical Pendulum Clock

This is a large French table clock with a conical pendulum. It runs 15 days on a winding and strike...

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French Table Clock signed F. le Cochon, A. Paris

This is a super nice French Lyre style table clock signed F. le Cochon, A Paris circa 1870 in an orm...

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Lenzkirch Geisha Girl Clock

This is a VERY Rare Lenzkirch clock. Believed to maybe be one-of-a-kind. It is certainly the only ...

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Gustav Becker Disk Pendulum 400 Day Clock

I highly collectable early Gustav Becker 400-Day disc pendulum clock. This clock is in excellent co...

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Gustav Becker 3-Weight

Very nice Gustav Becker engraved 3-weight Vienna Regulator. Kind of a cross between a Gothic an Art...

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60-Day Lonsdale & Snelling 1-Weight Vienna #005

Lonsdale and Snelling was and is a clock company in the UK who specialized in high quality Vienna Re...

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3-Weight Vienna Regulator

Nicely carved walnut 3-weight Vienna. This is a real Vienna regulator and not a German factory cloc...

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Lenzkirch Miniature Model 316

Lenzkirch miniature time only model 316 circa 1867. Sweet miniature in near mint condition for its ...

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Lenzkirch Miniature Model 2

Lenzkirch miniature time only model 2 circa 1869. Sweet miniature in very good condition for its ag...

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Musical Rabbit Whip or Coat Holder

Description: Musical 4-Tune music box whip or coat hanger. These were used to hang their whips on ...

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Ebony Lenzkirch 1-Weight

Nice early 1-weight Lenzkirch in a seldom seen ebony case. The beat scale is even ebony and signed ...

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Biedermeier 3-Weight Vienna Regulator

Biedermeier 3-weight Vienna Regulator clocks are highly sought after and represent the finest of Vie...

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Wenzel Schonberger Miniature Vienna Regulator

This is an extremely rare Wenzel Schonberger miniature Vienna regulator. Sometimes referred to as a...

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