Lenzkirch ClocksThe Unsigned Story

Lenzkirch Clocks, the Unsigned Story has taken over ten years of research and five years to write. It is a technical study of Lenzkirch clocks unlike anything ever written before. In my research I uncovered the secrets of the infamous Unsigned Lenzkirch clock. First I attempted to find one. After finding what I believed was an original unsigned Lenzkirch clock. Then I had to develop a method to authenticate it. This simple task turned out to be a monumental undertaking.

It was not enough to just to be able to show the reader how to authenticate an unsigned Lenzkirch clock. This was no simple task. To do so, I found that I had to document the evolution of the clock movements themselves. The more I studied the movements, the more variations in the movements I discovered. Even between trademarked movements the design changed over the years. It only stood to reason that the design of the movements evolved prior to the use of the trademark. This task was one that took me 316 pages of text and 428 photographs to accomplish.

In addition to documenting the changes which can be found in the various movements, Lenzkirch made many different movements for the varity of case styles in which they were installed. In the book I tried to document as many of the different movements as I could; one-weight, two-weight, spring-powered, miniatures, open escapement (both spring and weight powered), and even a jewelers regulator.

The book also contains data tables on the different movements. These tables contain the tooth counts and measurements of all of the wheels, pinions, spring barrels, winding arbors etc. for each type of movement.

I have also created a serial number date table from production/personnel data. By taking the production rates for years when the number of employees were know, you can extrapolate the data for the unknown years. I believe that production is directly proportional to the number of employees. I matched the results with every know bit of data that I could find as a cross check.

There is also an in-depth discussion about second quality parts and movements. How they may relate to the 2 and 2Q markings on the backs of some Lenzkirch spring powered movements.

As a collector, one of the things I always enjoyed was being able to identify the model number of a particular clock when ever possible. It seems to give the clock more of an identity. This is a model 93 Lenzkirch sounds much better to me than, This is a Lenzkirch. Through a couple of my German friends I was able to obtain some copies of Lenzkirch factory catalogs. I carefully chose five different catalogs to reproduce in the book showing many models that were previously unpublished. Including the 1855 catalog believed to be the first produced by the Lenzkirch clock factory.

There is also a 60 plus page color photo section of the clocks that I used in my research. It features many early models that up until now were thought to be just another clock.

Lenzkirch Clocks, the Unsigned Story is a book collectors will treasure for years to come. I predict it will open the door for the lost unsigned Lenzkirch clocks. Giving them identity and ensuring their rightful place as the crowning jewel of many a Lenzkirch collection and not just another look-a-like or I think it is. All the reader has to do is to identify and authenticate one unsigned Lenzkirch and this book will have paid for itself many times over.

TestimonialsWhat Others Have to Say About My Book

Dear friend George,
Finally, your magnificent book has arrive to my hands.The wait is worth it, because the book has so manny references, details and carefully study conclusion that makes the book a master piece of art, in not only in Lenzkirch if also in Vienna clocks as well. The best compilation of photos and machinery that a lover of Lenzkirch clock could find. As it seems that you do not trust in any easy detail to confirm the authentication of an unsigned. Your book will have a very special reference position in my book collection with 4500 books. Congratulations and thank you very much for so nice hour of excellent entertainment and pleasure.

Yours sincerely,
Jose Luis, Barcelona (Spain)

I just got my copy of the book in today and it is fantastic! There was no cost spared on the quality. It has good, heavy quality paper with nice glossy pictures.

Lenzkirch collectors look everywhere for information on these fine clocks and there is not a lot out there. To a Lenzkirch collector, this book is like bringing cold fresh water to a thirsty man in the desert!

Very good book for the reference library.

eBay as it should be : instant payment equals instant shipping, nice book BTW

Smooth Transaction, wonderful book, AAAA++++

Great book, excellent service

Excellent eBay seller. Fast shipping, fantastic book!! A+

Thank you George for a wonderful book---well done

Wonderful Book!!! Thank you very much!!!

What a great job! All real European clock collectors will enjoy your new book and be grateful you put so much hard work and effort into this great book! It should rank right up there with Rick Ortenburger's books of Vienna Regulators Factory Clocks, Black Forest Clocks.

I got your book today and I am very impressed. I believe the evidence presented makes your case. And I own more Lenzkirch clocks now than I did before I got your book. Your book is an outstanding contribution to the world of horology and horology publishing. Well done!!

May I compliment you for this fine piece of art you have done here. This book - I can not find the words - this is state of art - A MASTERPIECE. Wow you have put a lot of efforts into this book. This is most certainly the best book that has ever been made of A.G.U.L. and I have a lot of them including the book the Lenzkircher Uhren Freunde made in 2001.

Dear George. I am so happy to own a sample of this book and I know that collectors of Lenzkirch clocks will be grateful to you in the generations to come as well.