Junghans Model 87 #GD037

  • Lenzkirch Model 87 Freeswinger case
  • Junghans Movement
  • None
This is a rare clock. It is a model 87 Lenzkirch case with a Junghans movement. If you are a collector of Lenzkirch clocks you already know that the Junghans company bought out the Lenzkirch company during the depression of the late 1920's. Before shutting down the factory completely, Junghans finished the clocks that were almost completed. This was accomplished a couple of ways. Completed Lenzkirch movements without cases were installed in Junghans cases. Completed Lenzkirch cases without a matching movements had Junghans movements installed in them. The latter is the case with this clock. It is not a marriage, it came from the factory this way. The clock has a time and half hour strike movement and will run for 8-days. This clock ships from Michigan.
Price: $1,450.00