1-Weight Vienna Regulator Inlay Case #GE047

  • 1-Weigth 11-Day movement
  • Nicely figured Rosewood veneer case
  • Inlaid brass, pewter & either bone or Ivory
  • Steel pendulum rod
  • Case is Circa 1900
This is a seldom beauty. This is another clock from my personal collection that I have sadly decided to part with. You should buy it before I change my mind. The case is a reproduction made around 1900 in Europe. These are getting harder and harder to find. They are very collectable because an original Circa 1850 Vienna with an inlaid case cost 10 times as much. The quality and workmanship is superb. 99% of collectors would not be able to tell. The movement and pendulum are original vintage Vienna Regulator. It runs about 11 1/2 days on a winding and keeps perfect time. This clock ships from Tennessee. We ship worldwide.
Price: $2,995.00