Wenzel Schonberger 3-Weight Vienna Regulator #GE119

  • 8-Day Grand Sonnerie striking movement
  • Rosewood Case with some Faux grain
  • 2-piece Porcelain dial
  • Piecurst bezel
  • Finials are replacements
  • Some repairs to the carving, very nicely done
This is a Wenzel Schonberger 3-weight Biedermeier Vienna Regulator Circa 1865. Schonberger was one of the most famous clockmakers in the second half of the 1800s. He was a master clockmaker. He was the clock maker to the royal court in Vienna and also made the tower clock in St. Stephen's Cathedral located in the center of Vienna. He made clocks from the 1850-1870s.
Price: $2,895.00