Elsner & Petrovitz 6-Lite Dachluhren #GE120

  • 8-Day High quality Vienna
  • Nicely figured wal nut case
  • Porcelain Dian
  • Fine Steel Hands
  • Chips and old repair around winding hole in dial
This is a very rare and high sought after collectable Vienna Dachluhren Regulator By the famous makers Josef Elsner and Josef Petrovite. Both were famous makers that for a period of time partnered to make clock. This clock is Circa 1820-1830 and is all original. I can not tell that anything has ever been changed. The finish on the case is original. It has very nicely figured walnut veneer. Door still closed tight and not latch, lock or hook is needed to hold the door closed. The movement is such high quality that it runs all week on a small weight. The fake Viennas made in other countries require twice the weight to run. Don't miss this opportunity to add this clock to your collection. These clocks are very rare and hardly ever come up for sale. Normally the change hands from one collector to another.
Price: $7,500.00