Biedermeier 3-Weight Vienna Regulator #GE114

  • 8-Day Grand Sonnerie Striking movement
  • Walnut case, nicely figured veneer
  • Door lock replaced with magnetic catch
This is an early Biedermeier 3-weight Vienna Regulator circa 1840. Very unique burl wood case of unknown type wood. The clock strikes Grand Sonnerie. Every 15 minutes it strike the quarter hours on a gong. Once for 15 minutes, twice for the half hour, 3 times for the 3/4 hour and 4 times on the hour. After striking the quarter hour, it changes tones and strikes the hour count. It does this every 15 minutes all week long. Some people call this a blindman's clock. If you count the strikes you know the time without looking at the clock.
Price: $5,995.00