Franz Schondorfer Biedermeier Vienna Runs 300-Days on a winding #GE103

  • 1-Weight movement runs 300-Days
  • Pie Crust Bezel
  • Porcelain dial
  • Rosewood & Faux grain case with original finish
  • Key Lock door
  • Original Vienna case and movement but not born together.
Rare long running Biedermeier Vienna with a running duration of 300-days. ( Calculated based on weight of 1.6MM per day. ) The case is an original Biedermeier Vienna case with rosewood and faux grain. The movement is original Vienna movement. The case and movement were not born together. They are a perfect match and professionally done. Almost impossible to tell they were not original to each other. The case has the original top and bottom carving. Very rare as most of these have been misplaced over the years.
Price: $7,495.00