30-Day Biedermeier Vienna Regulator #GE090

  • Faux wood grain and Rosewood Veneer Case
  • Piecrust Bezel
  • 2 piece porcelain dial
  • Double side brass pendulum bob
  • 30-Day plus running movement
  • Missing original carved top and bottom finial
  • Old repairs to top case corners
  • Minor hair line in dial
Very nice rarely found 30-day Biedermeier Vienna Regulator in a faux rosewood case. Movement, pendulum and weight original to case. Dial was signed by the maker but is now unreadable. Old repairs to top corners. Could be better. This is being sold as a semi project. The movement has been cleaned and oiled and runs perfect. Case needs a little work to finish it. If you want a great clock at half the price it will be worth when finished this is the clock for you.
Price: $1,750.00