The Bishop of Bamberg Germany Lenzkirch #GE69

  • Rosewood case with Faux Grain
  • 14-Day time and strike movement
  • Old repair to original crown
It is very rare to know the provenance of a clock. I have owned many over the years and often thought if it could only talk, what stories it could tell. Some of them were expensive during the day of their manufacture that you know they had to be owned be owned by very wealthy and powerful people. Below is the story related to me by the family who sold me the clock. This clock once belonged to the Bishop of Bamberg Germany 1914- 1944, Joseph of Hauck. Not sure if those are the dates he was Bishop or the years he owned the clock. The clock was a gift from the Bishop to the family of Claus Sternberg of Duisburg Germany when they immigrated to the United States in 1944. Claus later became Dr. Claus B. Sternberg, Professor of Mathematics at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Upon his death in Dec 2014 the family (I believe his sister) took the clock back to Germany. I purchased the clock in January 2019 not knowing the provenance until after the purchase. All I knew at the time was it was an Unsigned Lenzkirch. After the sale the nephew told me the history of the clock.
Price: $925.00