Early Open Escapement Lenzkirch #GD157

  • Open Escapement
  • Porcelain Dial
  • 14-Day Movement
  • Strikes half and hour
  • Ebony on Walnut Case
  • Presentation Plaque
  • None
Early Lenzkirch open escapement wall clock serial #53747 Circa 1859, 159 years old. Very pretty wall clock that presents itself very well. Has a few character scars, bumps and burses but you have to look really close. The open escapement movements cost extra and there were only a few made per thousand clocks. Today they are getting quite rare and hard to find. Very desirable too because you can actually see the functioning of the clock while it is running. The case measures 13.5” wide, 35” high and has a 5.5 inch dial. This clock ships from Michigan.
Price: $1,850.00