60-Day Lonsdale & Snelling 1-Weight Vienna #005 #GD139

  • 1-Weight 60-Day Movement
  • Rosewood Case with inlay
  • Not Antique
Lonsdale and Snelling was and is a clock company in the UK who specialized in high quality Vienna Regulators. Sometime back in the 1990s when these clocks got very expensive and hard to fine, they reproduced a few clocks to meet their customer’s needs. This is clock No. 5. The quality and workmanship is beyond comparison and in some way may be better than a clock made in the 1850s. Also, there are the affects age has on clocks, wear to the movements, shrinkage of wood case as it ages etc. This is as fine a clock as you buy today without paying twice as much for an original 1850s clock. It measures 15” wide, 56” tall and has a 7” dial. This clock ships from Michigan.
Price: $8,500.00