Balcony Freeswinger #GD036

  • Walnut case with opening side doors
  • Strikes the hour and half hour
  • Bronze Decorations
  • Circa 1880-1890
  • Runs 2-weeks on a winding
  • Head piece although old may be a replacement
Very nice Balcony Freeswinger with bronze decorations on the case. The pendulum is also bronze and has a winged dragon holding the Sun in his mouth. How did they come up stuff? It is awesome though and I am sure glad they did. I have seen this exact case as a model 400 Lenzkirch. It strikes the half hour and hour on a coil gong and has a very pleasant tone. The upper section of the case has 2 doors on the sides that opens and allows easy access to the movement. This is very handy for hanging the pendulum and making adjustments to the gong. This clock ships from Michigan.
Price: $4,250.00