Austrian Table Clock with Animation #GD110

  • Grand Sonnerie Strike on Bells
  • 30 Hour Movement
  • Gilded Case
  • Animated Soldiers
  • 19 inches high
  • Porcelain Dial
  • None
Beautiful Austrian (Viennese) table clock with animated soldiers that appear to be striking the gongs. This is a typical 1820’s Viennese Table clock with a 30-hour Grand Sonnerie striking movement. These were considered master pieces at the time. Literally “Master” pieces. In order for an apprentice clock maker to prove he had master all the skills required to be freed and to be able to make clocks on his own, they would have to make a master piece. This type was the most complicated piece at the time and was the favorite Master Piece. Rarely to we know who made them because they were often sold by the master and he kept the money as final payment from his apprentice. This clock ships from Michigan.
Price: $2,500.00