Hotel Wakeup Call Clock #GD078

  • 8-Day movement
  • Oak Case
  • Unique Alarm System
  • Missing Ivory Chips (see description)
This is a very unique specialty piece and may be one of very few every made. Maker is unknown but believed to be American. The 8-day movement has a platform escapement and it drives a 12-hour disk under the top of the case. This 12-hour disk has slots for each quarter hour. Originally there were several Ivory cards or chips that fit the slots. When the hotel attendant received a request for a wakeup call, they would write the time and room number on the ivory chip. When the clock got to that time, lets say 5:00 AM, the ivory chip would fall through the slot activating the electric clapper for the bell in the bottom of the case. This would alert the attendant that is was time to place the wakeup call. The chip would come out the slot under the dial with the time and room number on it. The ivory chips are long gone and we have not had the alarm hooked up to electricity. It is a very unique piece of horological history. Would be a great conversation piece is an old fancy Hotel.
Price: $1,100.00