Lenzkirch Balcony Freeswinger #GD018

  • Oak Case
  • Engraved & Silvered Dial
  • Lots of brass decorations
  • Runs for 2-Weeks
  • Serial number 931,490, Circa 1892
  • None
Lenzkirch balcony Freeswinger with heavy brass decorations on the dark oak case. Notice the child playing what looks like a flute on either side of the door. This clock has the metal engraved and silvered dial that was an upgrade and cost extra over the standard porcelain dial. The 26-series time and strike movement runs a fortnight (2 weeks) on a winding. It is serial number 931,490, which dates the clock to 1892. It measures 33 inches tall and 14 inches wide. This clock ships from Michigan. We ship worldwide however, pickup is highly recommended if possible.