Lenzkirch Model 819 #GD003

  • Oak case with brass decorations
  • Strikes Petite Sonerie
  • All original finish and finials
  • Circa 1904
  • Runs a week on a winding
  • Great sounding gong
  • None
Lenzkirch Model 819 Wall Clock with lots of brass decorations on the case. It has the flagship heavy-duty Lenzkirch 24-series movement and strikes Petite sonnerie ever 15 minutes. On the 1/4 hour it will strike Bim-Bam one time on two different tone gongs. On the half it strikes Bim-Bam twice and 3 times on the 3/4 hour. On the hour it strikes the hour count using a single gong. It has one tone on the hour and two tones on the quarter hours. The serial number is 1 million 369461 which dates the clock to 1904. It is in fantastic condition to be 112 years old. This clock ships from Michigan.