Serpentine Vienna Regulator #GE052

  • 8-Day Movement
  • Pull Winding
  • External Pendulum Start Pull
  • External Hand Setting Knob
  • Ebony Case with original finish
  • No winding hole in dial
  • Normal age related wear on case
Very Very Rare Serpentine Vienna Regulator with external pull winding, pendulum start and hand setting functions. You do not have to open the door to wind the movement, start the pendulum should you let it run down or set the hands. Either one of these features would be considered rare. Only 1 out of many thousands of Vienna Regulators might have one of these features. All three of these together on the same clock is practically unheard of. I have only seen one other in over 40 years of collecting Vienna Regulators. I think this clock may be attributed to Hermann Hofler. I cannot prove it but it is almost identical to another clock that is signed by him. The ebony case has the original finish. Under bright light though the case appears dark brown. It is almost impossible to photograph. It has all of the original finials and the original headpiece. How many serpentine clocks have you seen that are missing the headpiece. I can tell you, Thousands of them. To find one all original like this is extremely rare. This clock is very collectable and will only increase in value. It is an heirloom quality piece. Do not miss this opportunity to add it to your collection. This clock ships from Tennessee. We ship worldwide.
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