French Bronze Angel Clock #GE042

  • 14-Day plus running movement
  • Silk String Suspension
  • Circa 1840
  • Heavy Bronze Angel playing a Harp
  • None
Very nice French Bronze with Winged Angel playing a Harp. This is a real Bronze and is VERY heavy. Would prefer not to ship. It can be delivered to the Mid South Regional in Chattanooga on 1 September free of charge. This clock has been in my personal collection for many years. It has mainly been used as a display piece. It runs perfectly and strikes the half and the full hour on a bronze bell. It has a very nice ring to it. It has a classic French round countwheel movement with silk string suspension. It is believed that silk string suspension was not made after about 1840. Truly an investment grade piece and one of the finest ever made. This clock ships from Tennessee. We ship worldwide.