French Double Statue Mystery Swinger with Cherub Candelabras #GE028

  • Double Statues with Candelabras
  • Runs 7-Days on a single winding
  • Circa 1880
  • Brocot Escapement
  • Marble bases
  • Knife Edge Suspension
  • Small chip in dial by the winding arbor
French Mystery Swinger with double statues and Cherub Candelabras. The title of this piece is Fleurs et Papillons (Flowers and Butterflies). One lady has flowers in her hand and the other has a butterfly on her hand. This is a 3-piece set and comes with matching candelabras with Cherubs. I have owned this piece for a number of years. It was purchased in Belgium and hand carried on the airplane back to the US. It has just been cleaned and oiled again and is in good running condition. Double statue swingers are extremely rare and even rarer with the matching candelabras. We ship worldwide.  HHNX977UJ77S2