Vienna Table Clock with Music #GE005

  • Vienna Grand Sonerie Strike
  • With Music Box
  • Circa 1830
  • Original Glass Dome
  • Missing decoration above dial
  • 1 tooth broken on music comb
This clock is truly a masterpiece. It is a Viennese table clock and strikes Grand Sonerie just like a 3-weight Vienna Regulator. Then it plays music on the hour or on demand by pulling the string. This type of clock was often built by apprentices to prove to the Master Clockmaker they were working under that they had mastered the required skills to gain their freedom. Building a clock like this proved they had mastered all the skills necessary and were ready to be a clockmaker on their own. This clock incorporates many disciplines, gold and silver plating, complicated striking mechanisms and the complication of adding a music box. These were very expensive clocks at the time. The master would sell the clock under their name and the money would pay for the apprentice’s freedom. This may or may not be the case with this particular clock but it is a great story that gives insight to the past lives of these great master clockmakers and their apprentices. We just acquired this clock out of a collection in Vienna Austria. It runs about 2 days on a winding. The clock is all-original. Once upon a time there was some sort of decoration above the dial that has gone missing. We ship worldwide. 

Price: $2,695.00