Ornate Lenzkirch Musical Grandfather Clock #GD060

  • 2-Weight 8-day
  • Circa 1880
  • Ornate Walnut Case
  • None
This is the most beautiful and ornate Musical Lenzkirch Grandfather clocks ever made. It is also weight driven and not spring powered. The large glass door gives it that open well appearance and really shows off the weights and pendulum. The 15.5 inch music box is in the very bottom of the case and has a handy drawer underneath to store extra music discs. This clock is featured in the book “The Musical Clock” by Arthur W J G Ord-Hume. It is also coin operated which indicates it was originally intended for a commercial setting in a Pub or Restaurant. This clock is located in Michigan. Pickup highly recommended. 
Price: $28,500.00