Wenzle Schonberger 3-Weight Vienna Regulator #GE094

  • Grand Sonnerie (Blind man's) Striking
  • 8-day Vienna Regulator
  • Walnut case with Satin Banding
  • Measures 48 inches high and 12 inches wide
  • Top likely a contemporary replacement
Biedermeier 3-weight Vienna Regulator by the famous maker Wenzel Schonberger. 3-Weight Vienna Regulator by the famous clockmaker Wenzel Schonberger. Schonberger was the clockmaker to the Royal Court of Vienna and the maker of the clock in the Cathedral in Vienna. His clocks are highly sought after and represent the finest of Vienna clockmakers. 8-Day movement strike grand sonnerie. On the quarter hour it strike 1 time on the first tone and then the hour count on a second tone. On the half hour is strikes twice on the first tone indicating 2 quarters, the the hour count on the second tone. On the hour it strike 4 quarters, then the hour count. You never have to look at the dial to know the time when it strikes. the case is walnut and it has satin banding. A one piece dial and a solid brass bezel
Price: $4,400.00