Josef Reingruber Dachluhren Vienna Regulator #GE074

  • 8-Day Movement
  • Signed porcelain dial
  • Piecrust bezel
  • Walnut case with satin banding
  • Double sided brass pendulum
  • Circa 1850
  • Pendulum stick replaced sometime during it's life.
This is a fine early Vienna Dachluhren 8-day regulator. These are getting extremely hard to find and very expensive when you do. To find one in this condition after 170 years or more is even harder. This clock presents itself very well. As far as I can tell it is all original. The pendulum stick (wood part) was replaced at sometime in it's life. It was done very nicely and you would not be able to tell had they not relocated the suspension spring block.
Price: $2,495.00