Vienna Empire Period Bracket Clock with Music #GD091

  • Ebony case
  • Gilded Bronze Decorations
  • Porcelain Dials
  • Strike & repeat silence selectors
  • Alarm
  • Fusee Powered Strike Trains
  • Alabaster Columns
  • Gilded Gesso adornments
  • None
Empire period Vienna Bracket clock with music and alarm. This clock has 4 gear trains, one for the ¼ hour strike, one for the hour strike, one for the time train and one for the alarm. The strike trains are fusee powered. The alarm and time trains are not. This clock strikes the quarter hours grand sonnerie just like 3-weight Vienna Regulator. It strikes the quarters on two separate bells and the hour on a 3rd bell. Just before the hour the music plays. It has a pull wind for the alarm mechanism. The ebony case is in excellent condition. It has gilded bronze and gesso adornments on the case with the original eagle on top. Not a reproduction. It has alabaster columns with gilded gesso capitals and pedestals. This clock is circa 1820 and is one of the best from this period we have ever found. This clock ships from Michigan.
Price: $8,250.00