Lenzkirch Bracket Clock #GD090

  • Oak Case with Brass Decorations
  • Time and Strike Movement
  • Runs 8-days on a winding
  • None
This is a Lenzkirch bracket clock with matching wall shelf. The wall shelfs were optional accessory at an added cost. Probably less than 5% of all clocks were ordered with the shelf. This one is a super value. We bought it right and are passing the savings on to you. It has an oak case with brass decorations and a 52-series 8-day striking movement serial number 542444 circa 1881. This is one of the earliest Lenzkirch clocks to have the brass decorations on the case. It is believed Lenzkirch began doing this around 1880. This clock is 22.5 inches tall and it ships from Michigan.
Price: $1,850.00