Lenzkirch 30-Day Model 18 #GD013

  • Perfect porcelain dial
  • Runs 30-Days on a single winding
  • Circa 1866 (150 years old)
  • Original pendulum, weight and key
  • Very early style original hands
  • Maintaining power during winding
  • Carved top is an exact copy of an original
This is a very early-unsigned 30-Day Lenzkirch 1-Weight Model 18 serial number 108XXX circa 1866. Clocks this early are extremely hard to find. Especially with a 30-day running duration. It also has maintaining power so it continues to tick even when being wound. These early Lenzkirch clock movements were the finest movement made at the time. They are comparable with early Vienna made movements. The later Lenzkirch factory movements were much less refined. They were a little cruder and required more weight to run them.