3-Weight Vienna Regulator signed Weber #GE058

  • Walnut case with ebony trim
  • 8-Day Movement
  • Grand Sonnerie Strike
  • Key Lock door
  • Original top and finials
  • They are a few age related cracks in the case
This is a 3-Weight Vienna Regulator signed Weber. This is an extraordinary fine clock. Just by looking at it you can tell it is a cut above the rest. The case is very ornate and has many moldings, inlayed veneers and ebony woods. The carving on this clock is a cut above normal too. It has nicely carved finials and headpiece. The case is mainly nicely figured walnut. Basically anything that could be done to make it fancier was just about done. It was done very tastefully and not gaudy or over the top. It is very well proportioned. Every thing on the clock is original as it was made nearly 140+ years ago. It has classic Grand Sonnerie strike. It strikes the quarter hour and the hour every 15 minutes. If you count the quarters and hours you never have to look at the clock to tell the time. It also has a pull repeat feature, which repeats the last quarter hour, struck. Some people call these blind man’s clocks since one does not actually have to see it to tell the time.
Price: $4,450.00