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LeCoultre Atmos Caliber 540

Perpetual Motion Clock #JE002


  • Perpetual motion clock
  • Never needs winding
  • Runs off the atmosphere
  • Near mint condition, best I have ever had
  • Complete service just completed
  • Circa 1990

  • Caveats

  • NONE


Without a doubt this is the nicest Atmos clock I have ever come across. It is a Caliber 540 circa 1990. It was cleaned and serviced in August 2016 and has run flawlessly since. There is not a blemish on the case or the glass anywhere that I could find. It even has the little extension handle to lock and unlock the pendulum. These are truly an amazing engineering accomplishment in the art of Horology. One degree in temperature change per day is enough to wind the clock for a day. Since hardly a day ever goes by without a temperature change, the clock never needs winding. If you have been looking for an Atmos clock. Please do not pass this one up. You will not likely find another in this condition any time soon.

$1,495 Plus PH&S

(C) 2016