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Lenzkirch Gothic Carved #GE054


  • 24 Series 14-Day+ Movement
  • 2-Piece Porcelain Dial
  • Carved Case
  • Gothic Motif
  • Serial #42193 Circa 1857
  • Real Bent Wood Serpentine Case

  • Caveats

  • There are a few chips and hairlines in the dial
  • Age crack under door and 2 tips missing rear of skirt


This is another Unsigned Lenzkirch from my personal collection. It is the only one like it I have ever seen. I have seen other Lenzkirch clock with a similar shape case but with different carving/motif. It has the Lenzkirch Flagship 24-series heavy duty movement in it. It runs a fortnight (14-days+). This is a stunning piece and will make a great statement in your home. It is in fabulous condition considering it is 160 years old. The movement in this clock is so well made that with proper care it will last another 200 years easy. Everything on this clock is original, nothing has been changed. There is an age crack along the lower carved skirt under the door and 2 tips missing from the rear of the skirt. These can be seen in the pictures. All things considered it is in fantastic original condition. Do not miss out on adding this one to your collection. With all the unsigned Lenzkirch clocks I sale I will sign and certify the authenticity of the clock. If the buyer does not already have a copy of my book I will include and autographed copy also. The case measures 38 inches high, 11 3/4 wide by the dial, 5 1/2 deep and the dial is 8 3/4 to the outside of the bezel. This clock ships from Tennessee. We ship worldwide.


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