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Lenzkirch Freeswinger

with lots of brass decorations #GE053


  • 26 Series 14-Day Movement
  • 2-Piece Porcelain Dial
  • Walnut Case
  • Lots of brass decorations
  • Circa 1898

  • Caveats

  • None


I just acquired this clock from a collector in Europe. It should arrive in a few weeks. It is a very beautiful Lenzkirch Freeswinger with lots of brass decorations. It has a Peacock on the headpiece with his tail feathers all fanned out. There is a winged cherub on the pendulum bob. Everywhere you look there is some kind of decoration. I'm not exactly sure of the model number for this one. It is not in my catalogs and is the only one I have ever seen. This is a stunning piece and will make a great statement in your home. It is in fabulous condition. Do not miss out on adding this one to your collection. This clock ships from Tennessee. We ship worldwide.


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