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Lenzkirch Model 313 Vienna Regulator

with Open Escapement #GE050


  • 1-Weight 8-Day Movement
  • 2-Piece Porcelain Dial
  • Open Brocot Escapement
  • Nicely figured walnut veneer
  • Ebony Trim
  • Key Lock Door

  • Caveats

  • None


Very rare model 313 Lenzkirch with also a rare option Open Escapement movement. The model 313 was not made in large quantities because it cost more than many other cheaper models which sold better. Also, the open escapement movement was an added expense. This clock back in the day it was made cost about 50-75% more than say a different model without an open escapement movement. This clock was originally owned by some aristocrat who could afford such a clock. They could also afford to have the clock properly maintained. That is why it is in such great condition 150 years later. I just made a deal to acquire this beauty and I will not have it in Tennessee until mid October. You can reserve this beauty before I get it in my hands because once I do it may not be leaving any time soon. This clock ships from Tennessee. We ship worldwide.

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