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Hunter Motif Cuckoo & Quail #GE048


  • Hunter Motif
  • Porcelain Cartouch Numbers
  • Glass Eyes
  • Outstanding very detail carving
  • Quail Call on the quarter hours
  • On the hour both Quail and Cuckoo calls

  • Caveats

  • Some leaf tips repaired and case refinished
  • The deer's antlers are replacements


Very nicely carved large Quail & Cuckoo Circa 1890 in Hunter Motif with Deer head, rabbit, Pheasant, rifle and game pouch. The quail calls out the quarter hours. Once for 15 after, twice for the half hour, 3 times on the 3 quarter hour. On the hour the Quail calls 4 times, then the cuckoo calls out the hours. Both birds appear in the doorways as they call out and have articulated beaks and wings. Just priot to each call the gong is strick. The clock has 2 seperate gongs mounted to a heavy iron base and have a very good sound. I have owned this clock for about 8 years and finally decided to part with it only after getting a larger cuckoo. This clock ships from Tennessee. We ship worldwide.

Click here to see and hear the Quail and Cuckoo Calls


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