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3-Weight Baroque Vienna Regulator #GE046


  • 3-Weigth 8-Day movement
  • Carved walnut case

  • Caveats

  • Dial has a few hairline cracks


3-weight Baroque style Vienna regulator. The case is dark walnut and is very nicely carved and decorated. It is very solidly built. The movement was just cleaned and oiled in July 2017 and it running perfectly. This clock strikes Grand Sonnerie. Some people call this type striking a Blindman's clock. That is because you never have to look at the clock to tell the time. Every quarter hour this clock strikes the 1/4 hour and the hour. It has two different tones. The first tone in the quarter hour, the second is the hour. For example at 4:15 it will strike 1 time on the first tone, then change tones and strike 4 times for the hour. Then at 4:30 it will strike 2 quarters, and 4 hours and so-on. Click the link below to hear and see the clock strike. This clock ships from Tennessee. We ship worldwide.

Click here to hear the strike

$1,595 Plus PH&S

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