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Lenzkirch Model 26 Jeweler's Regulator #GE038


  • 8-Day MOVEMENT
  • Grid Iron Temprature Compensating Pendulum
  • Walnut Case
  • Key Lock Door
  • Central Sweep Second Hand
  • Dial Signed Carl Koebri?
  • XXX CM tall

  • Caveats

  • Veneer chip just above door
  • Finials and head piece are exact copies of originals


Another piece from my personal collection. This is a model 26 Lenzkirch Jeweler's regulator with central sweep second hand and true temperature compensating pendulum. This pendulum is a chrome plated grid iron pendulum. The only one I have ever seen. I believe this clock to be (for lack of a better term) a true one-of-a-kind. I say this because of the frosted glass. Extremely rare to find frosted glass in a clock. The glass is beautifully decorated with flowers, ribbons, fleur de lis,a d has a banner in the center that says in German "Benutze Die Zeit". Literally translated means "Use the Time". Today we might say "Seize the Day". This clock will run for 8-days on a winding. This is a first trademark Lenzkirch serial number 207444 circa 1870. This is a statement piece for the discerning collector who only wants the best of the best. Pick-up highly recommended.

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