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2-Weight 2nd Baroque Vienna Regulator #GD028


    • Walnut case with Double Doors
    • Strikes the hour and half hour
    • Runs 8-Days on a winding
    • Circa 1880
    • Matching engraved and guilded dial, weights & pendulum

    • Caveats

    • None


Unsigned 2-weight Vienna Regulator. This is an excellent example of classic Vienna Baroque style with a rare double door case. Most are single doors. This clock is all original and has matching engraving on the dial, weights, and pendulum. The pendulum also has a faux grid iron twisted rods decorating the stick. This is a fabulous piece and has to be the best 2-weight Baroque I have seen in many many years. The clock measures 49 inches tall, 14 wide and 6 deep. It has a 7 inch dial. This clock ships from Michigan.

$2,500.00 plus PH&S

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