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Gustav Becker 3-Weight Vienna #GD008


    • Walnut case with half columns
    • Strikes Grand Sonerie ever 15 minutes
    • Early Art Nouveau style
    • Circa 1890
    • Runs a week on a winding
    • Weight powered with spring assist

    • Caveats

    • None


Gustav Becker 3-Weight Vienna in early Art Nouveau Style. Not over the top styling like the later Art Nouveau clock had. The dial center, weights, and pendulum are all gold plated and are decorated with flowers, a butterfly, and birds. The clocks strikes Grand Sonnerie every 15 minutes it tells you the quarter hour and the hour. Click the link below to see and hear a grand sonnerie clock strike. It is not this clock in the video. This clock strikes on 2 rod gongs and has a much more pleasant sound than the one in the video. This clock has the patented helper springs on the back of the movement which assist the weights in powering the clock. This clock ships from Michigan.

Click Here to see and hear it strike


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