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Gustav Becker 30-Day Vienna
Railway Station Clock #GD006


    • Heavy Oak Case
    • Simple Styling
    • Runs 30-Days on a single winding
    • Circa 1880

    • Caveats

    • Case may have been refinished sometime in its life


Gustav Becker Railway Station clock. These simple style heave duty oak cases with 30-day movements were popular the train stations across Europe in the last quarter of the 19th century. Gustav Becker won a contract with several governments to provide clocks for the train stations. Today the simple decore would just blend in with most any modern setting. Unlike the more ornate clock that look out of place in a lot of homes. The movements in these clocks were also heavier than normal. When I first heard about these clock years ago I looked for one a long time and never found one. They appeal not only to the clock collector but also to train enthuisasts and Gustav Becker fans. This clock ships from michigan and is very reasonably priced.

$1,850.00 plus PH&S

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