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Beautifully Carved French Wall Clock #GE007


    • Solid Walnut Carved Case
    • Porcelain Kartouche Numbers
    • Runs a fortnight (2)-weeks) on a single winding
    • Circa 1880
    • Original finish on Case
    • Highest Quality heavy duty movement

    • Caveats

    • None


This is a beautiful carved solid walnut French wall clock Circa 1880 made by the famous Japy Freres (brothers). This clock has just arrived and is in perfect working order. It strikes the hour and half hour on a gong and has a beautiful tone. The carving is just fabulous and of the highest quality that is typical of black forest carving of the time. Just look at the details in the close-up you can see what looks like slotted screw heads is actually carved into the wood. No detail was too small to be overlooked. Most people associate the Black Forest with Germany but when it comes to clocks the French just across the border would not be outdone. They were just as good if not better than the Germans at carving. One look and you can see the many hours of love that went into creating this beauty. The clock is all-original and will give many years of grace and charm to your home. It is a bargain at this price.


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